History of the German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada

As early as 1968, isolated groups of people had been working their dogs in Schutzhund trials, Sieger Shows, and Breed Surveys throughout various parts of Canada. Early clubs were to be found in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Langley. These clubs were usually guided by people from Germany who had brought their expertise with them to their new country.

In April 1978, a relatively large trial was held in Richmond, BC. The competitors and guests who represented many of the western provinces decided that a national organization representing Canada and all of our interests would further our sport more effectively than single clubs working in isolation. With the urging and guidance of our guest judge, SV Gernot Riedel of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America, the ground work was laid for electing an executive and making a beginning later that summer. Gernot returned in June, and in Calgary our first ever executive was elected consisting of Frank Mensing, President; Eric Morphy, Vice President; Cathy Gay, Secretary; Karl Hauser, Treasurer; Doug Deacon and Lyle MacMillan, Members-at-Large.

There in the wind and sun, under a flapping canvas tarp, with about twenty-five members casting their votes on scraps of paper, the United Schutzhund Club of Canada, later changed to the German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada, was formed. The first Canadian Schutzhund 3 Championship was held in Vancouver in 1979. In 1982, the first Canadian Sieger Show was held in Edmonton Alberta. In Vancouver in 1983, the Schutzhund Championship and Sieger Show were held in conjunction with each other. In 1987, Quebec City hosted the first national championship in "La Belle Province". This landmark event greeted our French speaking members and clubs into the national organization as full-fledged participants. Today, GSSCC clubs are found throughout Canada.

Goals of the German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada

1. To improve the structure and temperament of the German Shepherd Dog.

2. To uphold the standards of the German Shepherd Dog as approved by the WUSV (World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs).

3. To conduct conformation shows and Breed Surveys according to the WUSV standard for German Shepherd Dogs.

4. To provide guidelines in breeding for its members and all owners and breeders of German Shepherd Dogs.

5. To educate the public in regard to the importance of strong steady temperament as a prerequisite in breeding programs.

6. To promote standardized Schutzhund training for German Shepherd Dogs.

7. To promote Schutzhund training among the youth.

8. To conduct Schutzhund trials according to VDH (German Dog Clubs) rules.

9. To promote responsible, sportsmanlike behavior by our membership.

10. To upgrade the knowledge and expertise of its members in the areas of structure, temperament, and training of the German Shepherd Dog.

11. To provide advice, assistance, and encouragement to groups and individuals interested in becoming German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada members.

12. To conduct an annual Canadian German Shepherd Dog IGP 3 Championship and Sieger Show.

13. To develop and maintain a Canadian Judges Training Program in performance and conformation.

Statement of intent

The German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada (referred to as the GSSCC) is a corporation of clubs from every part of Canada. The goals are directed toward the promotion of the German Shepherd Dog. We believe that the German Shepherd Dog must demonstrate structural soundness while maintaining the breed's ability to work. German Shepherd Dogs should have trainability, courage, the willingness to defend and protect. We believe that an effective way to select the kind of temperament and structure we value is to test the dogs in the sport of Schutzhund. Because we value good structure and temperament, in addition to encouraging sport competition, we urge our members to participate in shows and breed surveys to obtain a judgement regarding the dog's structure and movement.