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Trial Manager (Secretary) program
The Trial Manager program was developed in 2015 by Racine Hyatt following discussions with Debbie Reynolds, Irene Klotz, Lance Collins, Andrea Duggan and Darin Clarke about the increasing numbers of trial documents completed incorrectly, due in large part to a lack of attention/knowledge of IPO and GSSCC Trial Rules. This program incorporates information and guidelines from a previous model which was updated, amended and adopted by the GSSCC Executive in 2016.
Susan Lawrence was appointed as GSSCC Trial Manager Program Coordinator in 2017 and will be responsible for program implementation and execution.  She will also liaise with the members, GSSCC Head Judge, trial & show paperwork committees and other program coordinators Assisting Sue is Debbie Reynolds. 

Starting in January 2019, all GSSCC trials MUST have GSSCC certified trial managers.

Trial Manager (Secretary) Seminars and Certification

Any club or Region planning to host a Trial Manager/Secretary seminar must:
  • secure a Teaching Trial Manager
  • complete a Request for Event Form (see official documents page)
  • send the completed Request to the Regional Trial Director who will ensure the dates are available and forward the Request to the Trial Manager Program Coordinator
  • the Trial Manager Coordinator will approve or deny the Request and communicate same to the Regional Trial Director and Host Club contact person
Reference document: Trial Paperwork Guide



1.  Provide standardized training and certification for Trial Manager/Secretary 


2.  Increase the number of qualified and certified Trial Manager/Secretary‘s through education and testing.


3.  Only certify participants to become Trial Manager/Secretary’s that can properly and correctly complete all official trial paperwork, which includes all trial summary sheets and scorebooks.


4.  To ensure that all trial paperwork and scorebooks submitted to the GSSCC  are correct.


Before attending a Trial Manager/Secretary seminar we would advise that every member read and familiarize themselves with the above.....TRIAL PAPERWORK GUIDE.  They should also familiarize themselves with the trial summary paperwork and judges sheets found on the website under official documents.  Talk with your club executive and ask them to show you a scorebook and familiarize yourself with the completion of said scorebook for registration.


At the present time every member who attends the TRIAL MANAGER/SECRETARY SEMINAR should understand, that if they become certified, it is a three year certification.  In that three years, they must be a Trial Manager/Secretary at a club trial, at least ONCE in those three years.  If this does not happen, they will lose their certification and will have to re-certify at another seminar in the future.

Coordinator:  Susan Lawrence  |  email:   |  ph: (780) 986-6746

Teaching Trial Managers Region Mem # Exp
Clarke, Darin East 1872 2022
Duggan-Jantzen, Andrea West 0609 2022
Klotz, Irene Prairies 0048 2022
Lawrence, Susan Prairies 0040 2022
Pierson, Cathy West 0140 2022
Reynolds, Debbie Prairies 0720 2022
Szokoll, Natalie Quebec 2850 2022
Trial Managers/Secretaries Region Mem # Exp
Barrette, Cathy Quebec 4594 2020
Baker, Sharon West 4177 2021
Banks, Leota East 4527 2021
Barnes, Jacki Ontario 1690 2021
Barth, Jennifer East 4671 2021
Biggs, Jill Ontario 3277 2021
Boisclair, Helene Quebec 0471 2020
Boudreau, Julie Prairies 2510 2021
Brown, Jean Ontario 3749 2021
Brown, Mae West 2152 2021
Campbell, Sherri Ontario 3825 2021
Carlsen, Diane Ontario 3639 2021
Carnes, Christina Quebec 4807 2021
Condly, Lisa East 4211 2021
Craddock, Angela West 2591 2021
Cruikshank, Matthew Prairies 4767 2020
Cruise, Maria Prairies 4261 2021
Currie, Mike East 4663 2021
Day, Angela East 2016 2021
De Wolff, Stephanie Prairies 4568 2020
Develay, Helene Quebec 3765 2020
Dziekonski, Magda Ontario 4275 2021
Eisenhauer, Penni East 4600 2021
Gilbert-Dufour, Stefanie Quebec 2078 2019
Girard, Patrick Quebec 4294 2019
Gordon, Becky East 4780 2021
Gossen, Olga Prairies 4756 2020
Gray, Maureen Ontario 3648 2021
Grossinger, Jeff Prairies 4261 2021
Habke, Shirley Prairies 3612 2021
Hamilton, Richard Prairies 4071 2021
Heald, Ken Ontario 3475 2021
Hebert, Christianne Quebec 4438 2020
Heuston, Reanne Prairies 4593 2020
Hollins, Alexandra East 4743 2021
Huard, Jeany Quebec 4207 2020
LeBlanc, Ken Prairies 4315 2020
MacLeod, Heather East 3883 2021
Malik, Rhonda Prairies 4695 2020
Malone, Sherri East 3536 2021
McCarnan, Catharine Ontario 4582 2021
Melski, Petrina East 3351 2021
Menard, Claire Ontario 1548 2021
Noseworthy, Shana East 3473 2021
Novak, Frank Prairies 1382 2021
Novak, Jeanne Prairies 1382 2021
Oxsengendler, Isabella Prairies 4416 2020
Penner-Cashmore, Sue Prairies 4010 2021
Plourde, Sylvie Quebec 3830 2020
Ratte, Chantal Prairies 4427 2021
Ratte, Emma Prairies 4776 2021
Ratte, Gaeleen Prairies 4427 2021
Read, Christine West 4181 2021
Roul, Duane East 3651 2021
Savard, Julie Quebec 4499 2020
Schwekendiek, Samantha Brook Prairies 4298 2021
Shriver, Kelly Prairies 4598 2020
St. Pierre, Cassandra Prairies 4475 2020
Stewart, Sylvie Quebec 2078 2019
Stockman, Brenda Prairies 4289 2021
Tomlinson, Dwyn Ontario 2105 2021
Turgeon, Liliane Quebec 3234 2019
Turkin, Alexei East 4326 2021
Walsh, Kerry East 4748 2021

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