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1. Advertisement zones

There are now 4 zones for possible advertising:

Ad zones

Each zone has a specific cost, that also depends on the page where it will be shown.

2. Pricing

Hits per month below are based on November 2010 statistics, and vary throughout the year.
Summer months and around nationals having more hits than winter months.

Page Hits / month Hits % Zone A Zone B1 Zone B2 Zone C
Home page 3000 22 booked booked booked booked
Results 1300 9.6 booked booked booked available
Events schedule 900 6.8 booked booked booked booked
The gsscc 750 5.8 booked booked booked available
News 750 5.8 booked booked available available
Regions / clubs 600 4.7 booked booked available available
Members section 500 3.9 booked booked available available
Any other page 6000 < 2% per page booked booked available available

Total hits from November 2009 to November 2010: 162,000; unique visits: 122,000. 
More complete / up to date stats can be provided upon demand.

3. Booking 

To book your space, please e-mail and specify which zone(s) and page(s) you wish to reserve, and we will contact you to finalize the booking.

The GSSCC is a member of the Weltunion der Vereine für Deutsche Schäferhunde (WUSV) and of the Canadian Working Dog Federation (CWDF).

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